Come join us at Australia’s newest city…

HDC Recruitment Insights Come join us at Australia’s newest city We have always known how wonderful our community and region is.  Health Hub Doctors Morayfield has been providing multidisciplinary, patient-centred care to the community since 2017.  Fast forward six years, our region, originally known as Moreton Bay Regional Council, is now officially a city.  Queensland’s […]

Minor Accident & Illness Centre, Morayfield

HDC Recruitment Insights Minor Accident & Illness Centre, Morayfield The importance of urgent care clinics to the Queensland Healthcare system is a discussion topic on everyone’s lips. Urgent care clinics help to ensure healthcare is readily accessible at the time and place it is needed most. Urgent Care clinics play a crucial role in supporting […]

Living in Queensland, Australia

HDC Recruitment Insights Living in Queensland, Australia ‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next’ Live the dream…   Rachel and Stephanie believe they live the dream every day at HDC Recruitment.  Their enthusiasm to assist Independent Medical Practitioners from around Australia and the world to live the dream of working in a multi-disciplinary clinic where they […]

Limited Registration in Australia

HDC Recruitment Insights Limited Registration in Australia Medical practitioners who hold medical qualifications outside Australia or New Zealand can acquire limited registration. The four (4) types of limited registration that are granted for different purposes are:   Postgraduate training or supervised practice This type of registration is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are supervised […]

What is a PESCI?

HDC Recruitment Insights What is a PESCI? A Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) that International Medical Graduates (IMGs) will likely have to undergo to work in Australia. The Medical Board of Australia will decide whether a PESCI is required based on inherent risk.   In Australia, IMGs who are applying for limited or provisional registration […]