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What is a PESCI?

A Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) that International Medical Graduates (IMGs) will likely have to undergo to work in Australia. The Medical Board of Australia will decide whether a PESCI is required based on inherent risk.


In Australia, IMGs who are applying for limited or provisional registration to work in general practice will need to sit a PESCI and require a job offer from a general practice.


Those applying through the specialist pathway do not need a PESCI as the relevant college will assess them.


An essential component of the PESCI to note is that it is designed to assess the IMGs knowledge, skills and clinical experience using scenarios.


Upon the successful result of the PESCI, the provider will recommend the level of supervision required. In addition, a panel report will be provided to the IMG, including recommendations such as educational training.


A PESCI is job-specific and not transferable, so if an IMG is unsuccessful, they can seek another position and re-sit the PESCI. 


If circumstances have changed after a successful PESCI, the IMG can apply to the Medical Board of Australia to approve the existing PESCI for the new position. It is not guaranteed to be approved, but it is worth seeking a PESCI exemption.


The two training colleges that are AMC accredited to provide PESCI are the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and Institute of Medical Education (IME).


For more information, please visit www.medicalboard.gov.au/registration/international-medical-graduates/pesci.aspx



Health Developments Corporation (HDC) aims to update this document regularly to ensure its information remains accurate. However, users should still check with relevant registration and visa authorities regarding the latest requirements.

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