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Come join us at Australia's newest city

We have always known how wonderful our community and region is.  Health Hub Doctors Morayfield has been providing multidisciplinary, patient-centred care to the community since 2017.  Fast forward six years, our region, originally known as Moreton Bay Regional Council, is now officially a city.  Queensland’s third largest city.  There is much excitement about the future in one of the most beautiful places in Australia… the City of Moreton Bay.


Do you love the idea of living near the water?

Do you love the idea of living near the breath-taking countryside?

Do you love the idea of attending major events and festivals?

Do you love the idea of enjoying local activities and attractions?

Do you love the idea of supporting your favourite sporting team?

Do you love the idea of experiencing the local culinary delights?

Do you love the idea of learning about the arts and culture?

Do you love the idea of accessing world-class education for your children?

Do you love the idea of a relaxed lifestyle?

Do you love the idea of flexible work hours?

Do you love the idea of truly living the work-life balance?


Stop imagining because your ‘love’ is achievable in Australia’s newest city… the City of Moreton Bay is waiting to embrace you and your loved ones.


Spend your weekends fishing or swimming in the clear waters of the stunning coastline, riding horses through the countryside, supporting the local sports teams, catching up with loved ones over delicious local cuisine and live music, taking cultural art classes, hiking through breathtaking rainforests, experiencing the rush of mountain biking, shopping, and catching up over coffee… It never ends.


HDC Recruitment can help you live the dream with a diverse range of career opportunities for:


  • General Practitioners
  • Specialists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Dietitians
  • Podiatrists
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists


The City of Moreton Bay is your new home… we look forward to speaking with you.


Visit Moreton Bay:  www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/

Visit Sunshine Coast:  www.visitsunshinecoast.com

Visit Brisbane:  www.visitbrisbane.com.au

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