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Limited Registration in Australia

Medical practitioners who hold medical qualifications outside Australia or New Zealand can acquire limited registration. The four (4) types of limited registration that are granted for different purposes are:


Postgraduate training or supervised practice

This type of registration is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are supervised in Australian hospitals or other health care facilities. This is also suitable for medical practitioners to sit their AMC clinical exam. Medical practitioners and practices must comply with the registration standard, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Supervision plan
  • Training plan
  • Satisfactory postgraduate training or supervised practice position
  • Evidence showing, they are meeting the requirements for general or specialist registration

Medical Practitioners are in of three pathways, these are:

  • Competent Authority Pathway (CAP)
  • Standard Pathway
  • Specialist Pathway

Area of need

Medical practitioners with limited registration for areas of need are working under supervision in an area of Australia where there is a shortage of medical practitioners. They are usually registered to practice in a rural or remote location. The area of need is determined by the state or territory Minister for Health (or their delegate). These medical practitioners must comply with a supervised practice plan and professional development plan.


Limited registration in public interest

This registration applies to the public interest when the Medical Board of Australia deems a ‘public interest’ in registering a medical practitioner. It is intended to be short-term, with a limited scope of practice. An example of this is natural disasters or pandemics such as Covid-19. Medical practitioners must work under supervision and perform satisfactorily in the position.


Teaching or research

This registration requires a medical practitioner be involved in clinical teaching or research, such as a university appointment. This is not a suitable registration for medical practitioners working towards general or specialist registration.

For more information, please visit https://www.medicalboard.gov.au/Registration/Types/Limited-Registration.aspx



Health Developments Corporation (HDC) aims to update this document regularly to ensure its information remains accurate. However, users should still check with relevant registration and visa authorities regarding the latest requirements.

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